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With a decade-long journey in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), I transitioned into an entrepreneurial path, co-founding several community-based tourism projects in Palestine that focused on hospitality and experience development. Bridging my extensive ICT knowledge with the intricacies of the tourism industry, I brought a unique perspective to these ventures, integrating digital solutions for enhanced operational efficiency and visitor experiences. This intersection of technology and tourism fueled my passion, eventually leading me to channel both sets of expertise into consultancy work. Now, I am dedicated to supporting tourism development projects and organizations, specializing in the realms of tourism development and digitization. Drawing from my comprehensive skill set, I bring expertise in strategic planning, entrepreneurship, capacity building, digital upskilling, e-learning, digital community management, website and app development, API integration, tourism media, data repositories, open data practices, and open-source systems. My commitment to innovation and sustainable practices makes me well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the dynamic landscape of tourism development.


Encompass various digital transformation processes across the tourism value and data chain, including the digitalization of tourism knowledge, products, communities, campaigns, and infrastructure, fostering a fully integrated and technologically advanced tourism experience

SME Support

Receive tailored business and digitalization support to propel your tourism startup or SME towards success. Overcome strategic and technical challenges as SMART goals are set and achieved, ensuring your business thrives in the digital era

Digital Infrastructure

Experience a revolution in tourism data management with holistic and sustainable digital ecosystems. The design and implementation of integrated modules for mapping, archiving, and distribution of digital assets are handled, ensuring a seamless flow of information

Research, Surveys & Assessments

Industry insights are blended with robust research methodologies to support your tourism projects in planning and evaluation phases. Informed decisions are made, backed by data-driven strategies for the success of your initiatives

Capacity Building

Elevate your team's expertise with tailor-made tourism-tech training modules. Knowledge is disseminated effectively through EdTech and microlearning, empowering individuals to navigate the evolving landscape of digital tourism

Strategic Planning

A clear path towards achieving long-term goals is ensured by structuring and methodically approaching strategic objectives in tourism development and digitalization

Design & Deployment

Turn ideas into reality with hands-on technical design and implementation of digital solutions. From individual SME websites to large-scale digital infrastructure projects, alignment with industry standards is ensured

Stakeholder & Community Management

Strategic advice and structured support for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), boards, and associations in the tourism sector are provided. Emphasis on sustainability ensures a collaborative and impactful approach to stakeholder and community engagement

CBT Product Development

Navigate the intricacies of Community-based Tourism (CBT) with our field and remote support. From design and production to marketing, guidance through the process of creating and promoting sustainable tourism services is provided

Digital Destination Marketing

Unlock the full potential of digital marketing for tourism and destinations. Whether it's a single landing-page campaign or a nation-wide project, exploration and leveraging of the endless realms of digital marketing are facilitated

Sustainable Tourism Development

Move beyond buzzwords to achieve genuine sustainable development in tourism. Actionable strategies fostering long-term environmental, social, and economic sustainability are provided for individual organizations, cooperative boards, or destinations

Post-disaster Recovery

Coming soon...
Stay tuned for our upcoming support services focused on post-disaster recovery in the tourism sector. Tailored solutions to help rebuild and thrive after unexpected challenges


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