Ashraf Bakri

Sabastia Guesthouse

The “Sabastia Guesthouse” project involved providing digitalization and website development support for a Private Public Partnership commissioned by the local council of Sabastia. My role encompassed a comprehensive digitalization assessment, needs analysis, and the formulation of a strategic roadmap. This included developing a website with rich media content showcasing the local council, the guesthouse’s historical […]

Tourism Workforce Survey

I spearheaded the “Tourism Workforce Survey” project in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, a pioneering response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis within the Palestinian tourism industry. As lockdown measures took hold, the project introduced a digital survey to assess the level of fear among diverse tourism stakeholders, analyzing […]

Car Rental Jerusalem

Introducing the innovative project “Car Rental Jerusalem,” a dynamic entrepreneurial solution addressing a significant obstacle to tourism development in Palestine. Recognizing that tourism traffic to Palestinian territories hinges on Israeli borders, travel routes, and service regulations, particularly with Jerusalem as a gateway, we identified a critical challenge. Independent travelers flying into Israel, eager for self-driven […]


Hantourism: Palestine’s First Community-Based Tourism Platform Hantourism traces its roots back to a single experiment—an eco-friendly city tour of Jericho using local farmers’ horse-drawn carriages as a sustainable tourism product. This initiative, an extension of the Auberg-Inn Guesthouse in Jericho, sought to add value to the local community while providing visitors with an authentic and […]