Ashraf Bakri

Sabastia Guesthouse

The “Sabastia Guesthouse” project involved providing digitalization and website development support for a Private Public Partnership commissioned by the local council of Sabastia. My role encompassed a comprehensive digitalization assessment, needs analysis, and the formulation of a strategic roadmap. This included developing a website with rich media content showcasing the local council, the guesthouse’s historical […]

Nabi Musa

Hired as an external Community-Based Tourism (CBT) expert by the bidding company, my role encompassed the entire project life cycle — from the initial stages of crafting the bid proposal to the ultimate success of negotiating and winning the contract. Working closely with the bid-winning contractor, I contributed strategic insights and expertise to guide their […]

MOUNT41 Hostel

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Area D Hostel

Area D Hostel: A Story of Passion and Transformation Area D Hostel holds a special place in the realm of community-based tourism in Palestine. Founded by a Swiss-American NGO worker, the hostel was born out of a deep love for the region and a desire to showcase Palestine as an enchanting destination. With the slogan […]


The Auberg-Inn Guesthouse in Jericho holds a special place in my portfolio as a tourism consultant. This project is not only a family endeavor but also a significant milestone in my career, marking a transition from the Telecom industry to community-based tourism entrepreneurship. Beyond its entrepreneurial significance, Auberg-Inn Guesthouse stands out as the first property […]