Ashraf Bakri

Positively Palestine Magazine

“Positively Palestine Magazine” Digitalization Project signifies a pivotal step in the magazine’s evolution towards a modern online presence. WideOyster’s primary objective was to establish a robust digital platform, ensuring the consistent representation of brand identity and design elements across various editions and article formats. The core responsibilities included the development of a user-friendly web outlet, […]

EJTDP Digitalization Support

The “EJTDP Digitalization Support” initiative stands as a comprehensive and impactful project where my role, spanning over a two-year period, involved providing more than 100 expert days of direct digitalization support to beneficiaries within the tourism industry. This initiative aimed at fostering the integration of digital tools and strategies across a spectrum of businesses, ranging […]

EJ Tourism Community Platform

The realization of the “East Jerusalem Tourism Community Platform” project marks a significant stride in bolstering the East Jerusalem Tourism Development Program’s efforts to foster development and support services across the tourism industry’s diverse value chain. In alignment with the community-centric approach, the platform was strategically designed to engage and assist various stakeholders, spanning individual […]