Ashraf Bakri

Sabastia Guesthouse

The “Sabastia Guesthouse” project involved providing digitalization and website development support for a Private Public Partnership commissioned by the local council of Sabastia. My role encompassed a comprehensive digitalization assessment, needs analysis, and the formulation of a strategic roadmap. This included developing a website with rich media content showcasing the local council, the guesthouse’s historical […]

Nabi Musa

Hired as an external Community-Based Tourism (CBT) expert by the bidding company, my role encompassed the entire project life cycle — from the initial stages of crafting the bid proposal to the ultimate success of negotiating and winning the contract. Working closely with the bid-winning contractor, I contributed strategic insights and expertise to guide their […]

Enjoy Jenin

Enjoy Jenin: Showcasing the Hidden Gems of Rural and Community-Based Tourism Enjoy Jenin is a remarkable project commissioned by Caritas Jerusalem in collaboration with three local councils in the Jenin province of the northern West Bank. This collaborative effort aimed to map and document 110 tourism assets within the region, encompassing 13 villages in the […]

Destination Palestine OpenData Repository

Destination Palestine open data repository is digital tourism service operated and maintained by the Palestine Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, to provide a digital repository to Palestinian tourism assets, accessible to industry stakeholders free of charge both for use and contribution. The Destination Palestine open data repository provides a collaborative approach to digitalize and distribute […]